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Electric Hand Warmer Powerbank

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A modern, sleek portable electric hand warmer that doubles as a power bank.

  • 3 heat settings and up to 8+ hrs of heat
  • Heats up to 140 degrees F
  • Charges small mobile devices up to 1.5+ times
  • Cork-wrapped aluminum shell to help retain heat
  • Weather resistant

Customer Reviews

Based on 84 reviews
Dave R.
Ravean hand warmers are awesome.

Ravean hand warmers are awesome. And dual use portable battery bank too.

Nice handwarmer

I have had few opportunities to use handwarmers so far. It is great to say they do put out a decent amount of heat and I really like the 3 settings for how hot they can heat. I do have two things that are tough, when on the high setting the batteries really do not last very long about 3 hours. Second the ends (where there is no cork) have been dented a few times, my guess is it is hitting my keys in pocket. I was hoping these would be way more rugged. I hope this does not shorten the life of the product, but only time will tell that.

Dave R.

Electric Hand Warmer Powerbank

simon g.
Electric Hand Warmer so far. Mind leaving a review?

so far the reports from giftees are good/fit for porpoise

Matthew S.
Excellent Handwarmer

My daughter has been taking advantage of using this high quality handwarmer during some of her early in the season softball games. There have been several games in the 40s. Turns out many of the other girls on the team were very impressed by your product. I hope this helps get the word out about your product. I'm looking forward using this myself. They would definitely make fantastic gifts, that is for sure. Thank you!