What if I want to buy additional batteries and products?

At this time, we don’t have any inventory available for purchase because everything we have is being used to fulfill all Kickstarter orders. At the end of the campaign, we might have a surplus in jackets and accessories that we can make available for purchase. Please reach back out to us around April to see if we have anything available at that time.

I didn’t find my name on the shipping list

Press control + F to get the search tool bar to drop down. Enter your name or your customer reference # in there to search. 99% of the time, your name will be on there. If you do not see your name on it, it is because your survey on backerkit was never completed or completed after the deadline and we just have not uploaded them yet to the data base. Contact support@ravean.com if you have not completed your survey on backer kit.

On the shipped list but my tracking number has no status (US backers via USPS)

We have been told from our fulfillment center that there is no status on that tracking number until it crosses customs and depending on how fast USPS updates it. Most people have had to wait about 3 weeks for any status updates to the tracking number. Backers hae been receiving their packages up to 3 weeks after their orders have been shipped.

I’d like to cancel and get a refund

Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds as the deadline for that was in Dec. Every one who backed our project and ordered was accounted for when we made the order for how many of each products we needed. Since we are a start up and had to use kickstarter, the funds were used to make the purchase order so our backers could have their products. We don’t order much extra than we actually need. Thank you for understanding.

How can I exchange for a different size?

If you need to exchange sizes, it will be around April when we hope to have some inventory on hand to be able to make exchanges. It’s a little far out but everything we have in the warehouse is going to all the backers as we don’t hold inventory. After all fulfillment is done, we will see what we have left to exchange with you.

Please check out https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ravean/arctic-tropical-ultra-light-heated-jackets-and-hea/posts/1472565 for exchange information. You may even want to try and see if any other backers out there want to trade you. Thanks!

My product is defective

Please see https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ravean/arctic-tropical-ultra-light-heated-jackets-and-hea/posts/1472565 for warranty and defective products information

I need to change my order and/or address

We’re really sorry but we are not able to make any address or order changes. With the order changes, everything has been submitted as we tried to purchase only what was requested from our backers. If we switch your order to another product or size, we might not have enough for the backer who ordered originally what you wanted to change for. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I ordered on Indiegogo and never gave my size/gender/color information.

At the end of the campaign you will receive a survey to enter all your order details. Thank you for the support!

Can I use the 12v battery for my vest or hoodie

Yes, it will work.

My power plug is not the right one for where I live

We only ship out US plugs as we could not include plugs for every country at this first stage. You will need to find a converter so you can charge it. Sorry for the inconvenience and we hope to eventually get to a point where we can have plugs for each country.

Can I use the 12v yellow battery to power my down vest or grey hoodie?

Yes, this will work.

Can I use the 5v blue battery to power the down jacket with and down jacket without the hood?

The 5v battery is not compatible with any of our 12V down jackets Systems.