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Women's Down X Heated Jacket + Battery Bundle

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Stylish and comfortable, the Women’s Down X Heated Jacket + Battery Bundle keeps you warm no matter the temperature outside. Heated back, chest, and pockets. Comfortable in temperatures between -10° F (-23° C) to 55° F (12° C).

With multiple heating zones in the chest, pocket, and back areas, you’ll get heat where you need it the most. You can choose from several different modes so you can get as much or as little heat as you want. A battery and charger included. Ships anywhere in the world –Customs, Duties, VAT & GST are covered for US customers only. It comes with removable hood. Not compatible with detachable heated gloves or hood.  

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Ravean Heated Down Jacket

12V - C6 System

  • Heated Back & Chest
  • Heated Pockets
  • Temperature Controller Button
  • Multi-Zone Heating
  • Up to 4x Mobile Device Charging
Ravean Heated Down Jacket
  • DWR Coating (Water Resistant)
  • Lightweight & Packable
  • Removeable & Adjustable Hood
  • RDS Down Fill
  • 100% Washable

Customer Testimonials

  • "Weighs just 150g and has an innovative heating solution that delivers just the right amount of heat when you need it..."

    Boston Sweeney

  • "The tech is sound, too. Ravean’s patented, removable batteries easily fit into a pocket, fully recharge in 90 minutes, and provide up to ten hours of battery life..."

    Claire Daws