Why Are Offices So Cold & How To Stay Warm

Why Are Offices So Cold & How To Stay Warm

Whether it’s the dead of winter or in the middle of summer, the A/C always seems to run a little too high in the office. “Why is my office so cold?” you ask yourself as you shiver at your desk, rubbing your hands together.  

Though sitting in a cold office may boost your concentration levels momentarily, you want to be comfortable at your 40-hour/week job. Studies have shown that when temperatures were low, employees “committed 44 percent more errors and were less than half as productive as when temperatures were warm.” 

Therefore, as a company that values high quality, heated apparel, we want to offer useful ways for you to stay sufficiently warm throughout the entire year. 


Brr...It’s Freezing in the Office

So why are offices so cold? According to a study published in Nature Climate Change, energy consumption is a lot higher in offices, because they are based on an old building code that uses “the metabolic rates of men.”  

Since the standard caters to men’s body heat production, women in offices (their average metabolic rate is roughly 20 to 32 percent lower than the established rates set up in building temperatures) are unfortunately more likely to feel cold than their male colleagues. 


How to Stay Warm in the Office

The statistics above should warrant the need to update the old-school formula to accommodate both genders. But until then, how do you stay sufficiently warm in the office? 

1. Wear a Heated Jacket

Warm and lightweight, heated jackets are the perfect accessory for your workspace. Better yet, you can control the temperature of your jacket. These heated jackets run on a rechargeable battery pack that you can use to modify the heat levels depending on how cold your office is. 

Ravean’s heated jackets, for example, are packed with three specific heat modes: high mode, medium mode, and light mode. So no matter how high the A/C runs in your office, you’ll be warmed with the right temperature and shielded from your freezing workspace. 

2. Bring a Blanket

When it’s freezing in the office, keeping a blanket at work is a simple and practical way to keep warm. You can place it on your lap or over your shoulders to keep you nice and cozy while tackling your agenda. Though comfortable, however, a blanket may not be seen as acceptable by management, especially if you work in a business formal office.  In that case, you can opt to go for a dark, subdued color to avoid drawing attention. Or, you can also consider bringing in a large scarf. 

3. Use a Small Heater

When you’ve run out of blankets and layers, personal space heaters are an ideal option. They’re small enough that they will adequately warm your desk space. Just be sure to unplug your heater when you’re not using it. Even so, some workplaces don’t allow personal heaters because the bosses are convinced they pose a fire risk. 

4. Bring a Heated Blanket

Though it might be pricey, investing in a heated or electrical blanket can nourish you with reliable warmth throughout the year. No matter what the temperature is in the office, you can easily modify the temperature of your blanket to keep you comfortable all day. They’re not terribly professional, however, and you probably couldn’t take this into a meeting or to meet with customers or clients.

5. Wear Fingerless Gloves

When we get cold, our bodies move the warm blood toward our core, which is why we often get cold fingers. And as we tend to use our fingers to get work done on our computers, fingerless gloves are a great option to wear in the office. 

Though they may be stylish, gloves can get in the way when you’re working with your mouse. Still, it’s worth keeping a pair at your desk to keep the blood in those fingers well-circulated. 

6. Wear Heated Insoles

Just like how your fingers and hands need warmth, so do your toes and feet! Heated insoles can help keep your feet warm all day. You can simply slip them into your shoes before heading out to the office, and you’re good to go. Be sure to do careful research before investing in a pair of insoles. Depending on how large the battery pack is, attaching these to your shoes might be tricky, and it can make wearing your shoes feel a bit tight. 

7. Bring a Mug Warmer

Having a nice cup of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate at your desk is always a good way to keep warm, but it turns inconvenient when your beverages quickly get cold. That’s why you may want to consider getting a mug warmer to help consistently keep your drink at the perfect, steaming temperature. These can be quite expensive and can end up taking space on your desk, though, so be sure to keep that in mind if you decide to hunt for mug warmers. 

Don’t let the cold temperature overrule your comfort level! Crafting a pleasant work environment is vital to your success. So when it’s freezing in the office, try incorporating these seven key tips to help you stay warm. 


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Centered on heat, comfort, and innovation, Ravean is dedicated to providing quality apparel to keep you warm during those cold days. Be sure to learn more about our products by checking out our heated jackets.


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