Rock the Winter Look with Jeans and Tights

December 07, 2016

Rock the Winter Look with Jeans and Tights

Ripped jeans have been making a comeback! These tattered, distressed pieces of clothing are not only hip, but they are also comfortable and versatile. With the cold settling in, you can winterize your distressed jeans by wearing it with a nice pair of tights. Add your favorite pair of boots or sexy pumps and your Ravean jacket and viola! You’ve got a wow-worthy look.

The slim, figure-hugging design of the Ravean jacket goes perfectly with your choice of ripped jeans. Meanwhile, the adjustable temperature control gives you the flexibility to change the internal temperature as needed. And since you’re already comfortably warm, wearing tights with your jeans is more of a fashion statement than a strategy for keeping warm.

Look hot, hot, hot in your jacket, ripped jeans and tights with these options:

  • Fishnet tights. Show a little bit of skin with fishnet tights even as you stay covered up. This edgy combination can be quite sophisticated. You can also go with a cropped shirt and allow a few inches of fishnet to peek above the waistband of the pants.
  • Opaque black tights. The classic opaque black tights are a top pick for a reason. The peekaboo effect of black tights on distressed jeans can exude a stylish vibe. Since you’re going black on black (i.e. black Ravean jacket and black opaque tights), add visual interest by wearing footwear with bold colors or patterned prints. A pair of booties in an animal print or a pair of va-va-voom-red heels can really add a pop of energy that will take this ensemble up a notch.
  • Sheer black tights. Go for an all-black look with a hint of skin by wearing distressed black jeans with a pair of sheer black tights and black booties. You will look effortlessly chic, sleek and ladylike, with just the right dose of edgy.
  • Metallic tights. Get a bit of shimmer and glimmer to your casual daytime outfit with metallic tights. These catch the light and change in hue as you move. Accessorize with classy statement earrings and heels.
  • Lacy tights. The interesting texture and delicate designs add a different look to your ripped jeans. The dreamy yet very feminine combination is great for a modestly ripped pair. Avoid jeans with massive holes in them as they might cause tears on your tights. You can go with classic black or white or add color with brightly-hued lacy tights.
  • Bright-colored tights. Go bold and eye-catching by rocking a bright-colored pair of tights. You have a number of options – fuchsia pink, green, orange or yellow. Wear black heels so that you also get to show off some color on your instep. Choose colors that complement or reflect the tones of the other items in your ensemble.
  • Patterned tights. Polka dots, tiny hearts and animal prints. Sneak in your version of fun with playful patterns or prints. This is an excellent way for you to stand out in an oh-so-fashionable way.

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