A Fair Comparison Of The Top Heated Jackets Available Today

A Fair Comparison Of The Top Heated Jackets Available Today

   If you spend a lot of time outdoors during the winter months, then you know how important it is to stay warm. Luckily, it’s a great time to face off against the elements with innovations in outerwear, one of the most exciting advances is the heated-jacket. 

   Heated jackets make working or playing out in the cold more comfortable than ever before, especially for those who can’t move around to keep warm (working security or surveillance, fishing, hunting, or driving unheated vehicles). These jackets run off rechargeable batteries and can keep you comfortable in all kinds of frosty conditions—even in sub-zero temperatures. 

   Traditionally, the way to stay warm in the cold was by wearing lots of layers, but sometimes you just don’t want to be weighed down and feel like the Pillsbury Doughboy when you’re outside. You can finally say goodbye to bulky coats that get in the way. Heated coats let you shed some layers and still stay comfortable.

   If the idea of your jacket actually generating heat to keep you warm during outdoor work or recreation in the winter sounds like the greatest thing since fuzzy blankets, then read on to find out how heated jackets compare in comfort, style, effectiveness in heating, care, and a whole host of other features. And then find out which is the best-heated jacket. 

Heating Ability

   The best-rated heated jackets offer different heating modes (low, medium, and high) so you can control how much heat the jacket produces. On incredibly cold days, turn your jacket on high to stay warm. Milder temperatures may only require a little extra warmth with the low setting, and the medium setting is good for combating wind chill. With simple controls, you can switch settings at any time to stay comfortable. 

   A differentiating feature between jackets is the heating zones, which are the areas where the jacket’s heating elements work to generate heat. Almost every heating jacket includes three zones: the right chest, left chest, and the back. Ravean jackets go above and beyond with six heating zones, including heated pockets, for even more coverage. And when you’ve been outside in frigid temperatures for a while, more heat is definitely better. Ravean's larger 12v battery pack enables two extra panels. 

UPDATE: Ravean upgraded its battery for the 2020 season. Ravean heated jacket batteries come equipped with best-in-class LG battery cells. 

 Number of Heating Zones
Ravean Dewalt Milwaukee Ororo
6 Zones 3 Zones 3 Zones 3 Zones

Temperature Range

   You buy a heated jacket to help you stay comfortable in cold conditions, so it makes sense that you want one that can handle the lowest temperatures you might encounter. Most of the top heated jackets can handle weather down to 10 degrees Fahrenheit (-12 degrees Celsius). 

   Ravean once again goes the extra mile to keep you warm in temperatures all the way down to -10 degrees Fahrenheit (-23 degrees Celsius). No matter what Old Man Winter throws at you, Ravean Down X Heated Jackets for women and men have you covered—and warm. The 750 fill duck down insulation gives the Ravean jacket an edge in colder temps.

 Lowest Rated Temperature
Ravean Dewalt Milwaukee Ororo
Ravean Heated Jacket
-10F / -23C 10F / -12C 10F / -12C 10F / -12C


Battery Performance

   Heated jackets run off rechargeable batteries, so it’s important to know how those batteries perform and how long they will keep your heat running. When comparing heating systems, you want to look at both the voltage of the battery (which determines how fast a jacket heats up and how warm it gets) and the length of time a charge will last. A 12 Volt battery will heat up faster and warmer than a 7.4 Volt battery. Many of the battery heated jackets will keep heating for six hours or less. Ravean’s 12V battery pack heats up fast and then keeps you warm for up to six and a half hours each charge. 7.4 volt systems tend to be less expensive. The trade off is fewer heated areas in the jacket.


 System Voltage & Estimated Battery Life
Ravean Dewalt Milwaukee Ororo
Heated Jacket  
12 Volt 12 Volt 12 Volt 7.4 Volt
7 Hours 6 Hours 6 Hours 10 Hours

Jacket Material

   While the reason you consider heated jackets at all is for their heating ability, the jacket itself also needs to carry its own weight in protecting you from the cold. Warmer jackets will keep you warm from the start before you even turn on the heat. Common materials for heated jackets include nylon, polyester, cotton, or a mix of fibers. 

   Without the heat turned on, some heated jackets are simply cotton/poly hoodies, which offer the same amount of warmth as regular hoodies. Other jackets have an outer shell covering a layer of another material for insulation to trap your body heat and keep you warm. The three main types of winter jacket insulation are down feathers, synthetic fibers, and synthetic fleece. 

   Ounce for ounce, down is the warmest insulation for a coat, and is the gold standard for most warm apparel. With proper care, down fill can last for many years. Plus, it beats other materials with its packability. Down can compress to a fraction of its lofted size when you need it to, and then puff right back up again when you wear the jacket.

   Ravean’s Down Heated X Jackets leave competitors in the dust with 750 fill power down filling covered by a lightweight and breathable outer layer. Ravean jackets keep you warmer, so you can conserve batteries for when you really need some extra heat.

Protection Against the Elements

   If you want a jacket to keep you warm in the winter, then it should be able to handle winter weather. When you’re caught out in rain, snow, or sleet, the last thing you want is your heated jacket to get wet and soggy. Unfortunately, cotton/poly jackets may perform poorly in these conditions. 

   Ravean heated jackets have an additional DWR (durable water repellent) coating to their outer layer to make them completely water-resistant, while still maintaining the light and breathable characteristics that let you move with ease. Wind and water won’t phase these best-rated heated jackets. 


   Our pockets carry more stuff than ever—phones, music players, wallets, keys, and more. Those needs don’t go away when it gets cold. In fact, you might need more pocket space in the winter for things like gloves, extra tissues, or ChapStick. Most heated jackets give you up to four pockets to keep all your stuff close, but Ravean has doubled the storage space with eight pockets. They are so roomy you won’t have to carry an extra bag. And the best part? The two front pockets are also heated, so you’ll want to use them. 

 Total Storage Pockets
Ravean Dewalt Milwaukee Ororo
Men's heated jacket  
8 Storage Pockets 4 Storage Pockets 4 Storage Pockets 4 Storage Pockets



   Yes, the primary concern with a heated jacket is how well it works, but let’s face it, style is also an issue. Some heated jackets look like hoodies, which are great in casual settings. But if you want to use your jacket to stay warm during the coldest months of the year as you go to work or school, run errands, or go out for a night out on the town, the lumberjack look may not be what you’re going for. 

   The best heated jacket, women's style—and men’s style—is one that looks good and keeps you warm in any setting. Ravean believes you don’t need to have more than one heavy winter coat (unless you want to). Their stylish jackets will make you feel at home whether braving the mountains or waiting for a cab.


   You’re bound to wonder if heated jackets are great in the cold but a pain to take care of. Most of the top heated jackets say they are machine washable (but not all, so pay close attention). Whether you can put them through the dryer as well depends on the brand. Ravean knows you want to spend your time enjoying the outdoors, not hand washing or caring for your jacket. After taking out the batteries, simply throw your Ravean heated jacket into your washing machine, then toss it in the dryer. Your jacket will be clean and ready for the next outdoor adventure in no time.

Mobile Charging

   What’s better than a battery that charges your jacket? One that charges your phone too. Most of the top heated jackets do not have this feature, but, as you might have guessed, Ravean jackets do. Your jacket can recharge your phone up to three times, so you can stay connected no matter where you are. 

 Phone Charging Capabilities
Ravean Dewalt Milwaukee Ororo
Down heated jacket  
Yes No No Yes

Other Features

   Ravean heated jackets have other premium features that elevate them even higher above the competition: 

Heated pockets: Keep your hands toasty too. 

 Heated Pockets
Ravean Dewalt Milwaukee Ororo
Jacket heater  
Yes No No No

Removable and adjustable hood: Sometimes you want a hood, sometimes you don’t. You can choose.
Made from the best materials: Even the zippers are high quality. 
Lightweight and packable: It’s the perfect jacket for travel, work, or play.
Down standard certified: Feel good knowing that the waterfowl in the down supply chain that provided the fill are treated humanely.
Built-in LED flashlight on the battery pack: Never get caught in the dark again.

       Ravean pioneered heated jackets as one of the first on the market and is proving why they are still a force in heated outerwear. In comparing features—heat generation, material, performance, comfort, style, and more—you can see why Ravean’s Down X Heated Jackets for men and women rise to the top. This winter, enjoy the world's first and world's best heated jacket by Ravean.


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