How to Use Reddit to Dominate The Outdoors

Do you have physical stamina?

Good for you! But it’s not the most important key to pushing the boundaries of reality.

The true adventure junky knows that it all starts with curiosity.

So where have you gotten your inspiration for past and future escapades?

Some days it will spill into your path and drag you away to get lost. On other days it might come in the form of a wrong turn, a chance meeting or a whisper from the old man at the corner taco stand.

Today you can scroll through this list of subreddits that offer a goldmine of guides, tips, ideas and advice to fuel your next adventure.

1) /r/darksky 

The earth may be our playground but the sky guides our vision. This subreddit is dedicated to discovering and sharing the most fantastic spots to view the light of the stars.

So if you’re interested in catching a glimpse of the Milky Way -- before the earth is too lit up with fluorescent bulbs -- then you will want to check this out.

2) /r/travel 

This is a community about going places. If you’re interested in finding your next vacation destination, sharing the stories of your fellow travelers or discovering the answers to your globetrotter questions then give this page a lookover.

3) /r/NatureISscary

Admit it. There is a part of you that loves being scared…

This subreddit provides a practically endless supply of content that shows us just how horrifyingly awesome nature is.

4) /r/camouflage

If you excel at being discreet --or want to learn how -- then this may be the subreddit for you.

5) /r/stunts 

From purely stupid hilarity -- to antics that will take a few years off of your lifespan -- tap into this community to delight your inner stuntman or woman ;)

6) /r/OutdoorHacks 

Whether you want an easier, faster or sexier way to get things done in the outdoors, this subreddit can help.

7) /r/adrenaline

For some of us, there is no such thing as too much adrenaline. This community was created to explore the boundaries of human limits and blast right through them.

8) /r/camping 

If camping gives you the warm fuzzies – even in the middle of winter – then trudge into this subreddit for advice, gear recommendations, and stories.

9) /r/urbanexploration

The forbidden…

Sometimes man-made structures offer a great opportunity to explore. This subreddit is all about the inaccessible, an abandoned and underground hobby of urban exploration.

10) /r/climbing 

Join your fellow climbers, who are also scared of falling, and check out tips, photographs, videos, gear and everything else climbing related.

11) /r/backpacking 


For the seat-of-the-pants traveler, a subreddit where you can find anything and everything on the topic of traveling around the world with the bare essentials.

12) /r/Shoestring 


Your shoestring budget shouldn’t hold you back from the journey that awaits you. This resource offers guidance for the minimalist traveler to plan and execute your next frugal and fantastic trip.

13) /r/VanLife


The mobile lifestyle is the focus of this subreddit with helpful resources, roads stories, tips, and tricks.

14) /r/wanderlust 


Some of us are born with an itch to travel that can never be satisfied. This community was created for those who wander to feel at home.

15) /r/The_Great_Outdoors 


Much like the great outdoors, you could easily get lost in this subreddit with an assortment of resources and entertainment-focused around your favorite hobbies.

16) r/survival 


Test and enhance your wilderness survival skills and knowledge in this subreddit with discussion, articles, and guides.

17) /r/wintergear 


If you are interested in discussing and finding the best options for your winter season gear this is a valuable resource.




Whether you want to show off your sweater face or love to admire them from afar this is the subreddit for you.




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