Here's to Planning and Updating  your Winter Wardrobe

Here's to Planning and Updating your Winter Wardrobe

Prep your closet for the coming cold weather. Planning your winter wardrobe is very practical. You don’t go on shopping binges where most of your purchases are impulse buys. You also avoid buying two of the same thing while forgetting about some winter essentials.

Here are some tips for you to prepare your wardrobe for the cold days:

  • Declutter your closet. Go through your stuff and do a rigid review. Can’t let go of that favorite pair of jeans that you are still hoping to squeeze in once you shed ten pounds? How about that red dress that you have not worn in ages? Chances are, you won’t get to wear these again. And when you do achieve your desired weight, congratulations! That will be the best time to buy new favorites. So be ruthless and get rid of clothes that no longer fit you or that you have not worn for the last year. You can donate these to charity or sell them online. Better yet, invite your friends over and throw a clothing swap party. You can instantly get “new” pieces without spending a dime, except for some snacks and drinks for your friends.
  • List down the items you will need. Check if you have the necessities to survive the fall and winter cold. Some basics include a classic overcoat, a weather-ready coat, warm scarves, boots, leggings, thermals, gloves, beanies and other items you will need on a day-to-day basis. Do you already have enough of each? How many more pieces do you need? Are there items that need updating? Are there special occasions you need to prepare outfits for? Also, consider your lifestyle. Are you one who has a busy social schedule filled with night-outs and parties? Are you one who would be happier when you’re curled up on the sofa with your snuggie? Do you work at an office or home? What activities do you have planned for the season?
  • Know the kind of look/s you are going for. Fashion is all about expressing yourself and showing your unique sense of style. It is also about keeping a balance between what looks work for you and the effort to have a fresh wardrobe that is anything but boring. Shopping for clothes and winter accessories become easier when you already know the style you want for the season. Combine neutrals (blacks, browns, greys, tans, etc.) with bright clothes and accessories.
  • Know when to save or splurge. Invest in good fashion pieces that will last you a lot of winters. There are classics that are in neutral colors. Go for quality for some key pieces and supplement with low-cost essentials. Do consider adding the Ravean jacket to your wardrobe. This splurge will actually minimize the number of layers you need. This extra lightweight, temperature-adjustable piece comes with heated gloves.
  • Choose low-maintenance items. The wet winter can be brutal to some fabric such as suede and acrylic. The cost of dry-cleaning can be a slow drain on your budget. As such, invest in good quality items that are machine-washable and that can withstand the wet and the cold.
  • Add a few updated pieces. A number of carefully selected trendy items will give your wardrobe the update it needs. Your selection should be one that fits the style you selected.
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