Electric Jacket + Icy Pool = ?

Electric Jacket + Icy Pool = ?

Getting electrocuted is not at the top of my bucket list.

There are plenty of other ways to get your adrenaline pumping that don't involve a painful and somewhat embarrassing death -- we hope anyway.

The introduction of our heated jacket brought up quite a few questions. Many of them involved how the jacket works and other typical clothing and outerwear inquiries.

But others were a little more focused on whether or not the jacket wearer should run for cover to escape things like rain and snow -- You know, before their heated jacket zapped the life out of them.

So to address two of the most common questions we received: 

  • Will my jacket still work if it gets wet? 
  • And, will I get electrocuted if my jacket gets wet? 

We created this video of one of the Ravean Co-Founders taking a few beautiful plunges into the frigid waters of this swimming pool -- with his heated jacket turned on full blast!

Whether you are truly curious about the jacket's ability to function while drenched, or just want to watch our beloved Bryce suffer, you should take a peek.

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