Do's and Don'ts of Winter Fashion

Do's and Don'ts of Winter Fashion

Brrr! Can you feel the cold?  Fall and winter can be excellent opportunities to flaunt your sense of style. You can stay very warm and look ultra-hot and fashionable as the cold settles in. Come prepared for the onslaught of wintry weather by remembering these do’s and don’ts:

Do bundle up, but don’t over-bundle.

Do not sacrifice your warmth and comfort in the name of fashion! Opting to go skimpy to avoid looking frumpy is a thing of the past. It only takes a wise choice. You don’t need layers and layers of sweaters, puffy jackets, tights and what-not to keep warm. The warmth you get from your temperature-controlled Ravean jacket will let you do away with unnecessary layers so that you don’t have to rock the Michelin Man look. These even come with battery-free gloves that you can plug into your coat. This minimizes the need to de-layer and re-layer as you move indoors or outdoors.

Do invest in a few classics or statement pieces.

These are staples that are very versatile and can work as your base for your fall and winter outfits. Choose items with classic styles that you can use for all seasons and a number of occasions. Add black, and neutral items since these easily complement other colors and even patterned prints. To determine whether a certain piece is worth the investment, use the “cost per wear” formula. That is, estimate the number of times you will be able to wear the item for the season and divide the cost of the item by this number. Consider if the “cost per wear” is reasonable.

Don’t stick to all black. Do brighten up with color and pattern.

Black is elegant and classy. However, winter does not mean eschewing other colors. Do add winter colors to your wardrobe, such as blue, emerald green, burgundy or charcoal gray. You should also mix things up and keep your outfits interesting by adding color and patterns. You can add a bright colored bag, tights or boots. Rather than simply adding pops of colorful items, work for a seamless look by putting on accessories that complement the focal point of your outfit. For example, if you are wearing a bright-colored blouse underneath your jacket, wear a pair of sandals or boots that complement this.

Don’t say goodbye to your existing wardrobe. Do winterize them.

Transform your summer and spring dresses, shorts and skirts into winter get-ups. That way, you get more wear out of them. Combine them with winter staples and viola! You have instantly extended your wardrobe. You can wear a summer dress over sweaters, tights and boots. You can also wear shorts with tights, knee-high boots and your form-fitting Ravean jacket.

Do wear leggings. Don’t wear as pants.

Leggings are warm and stylish. But, fashion mavens have this to say: Wear leggings well, or not al all. Leggings can be worn with jeans, with a long top paired with a jacket or with a dress. However, the skintight fit will not be flattering if you wear leggings with a cropped or short shirt.

Do go for closed footwear. Don’t wear open-toed shoes …

Unless you want to experience frostbite. Boots, sneakers and pumps keep your feet warm and toasty. One hack you can remember is to layer a sandwich bag on top of your socks before you wear your boots. That way, you avoid the inconvenience of cold and wet socks.

Don’t wear white shoes or suede shoes.

Nope, nope, nope. The sludge and mud from the snowy ground can be problematic for white or suede shoes. White shoes will only get dirty while the slush will damage the suede material. One solution you can try is to use a waterproofing spray.

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