Cleaning Your Ravean Heated Down Jacket & Vest

Your Ravean Heated Down Jacket or Heated Down Vest is designed to keep you warm and dry, even in the most inclement weather. That’s partially in thanks to our high-tech DWR (durable water repellent) coating that’s been applied to the face fabric of each garment.

While the DWR treatment prevents outer layers from absorbing moisture, it doesn’t affect breathability. By forcing water to bead and run off at the outermost layer, the light, breathable quality of our down filling is left unaffected.

The results? Even if it’s raining cats and dogs, you’re kept dry and comfortable! Ravean’s Heated Jacket or Heated Vest will spare you shivers during long, chilly commutes or offer a cozy embrace while you take in the view.

However, over time, dirt, oil, and regular wear and tear have a negative effect on the DWR coating. It takes several years, but if left uncared for? Dirt and grime mess with your outerwear’s performance.

As breathability is reduced, inner layers can become wet and clammy. Some folks think this means their DWR fabric has lost its “waterproofness.” In fact, it’s more accurate to say that the fabric lost its breathability. (Essentially, it’s more about your sweat not making it out, rather than water leaking in.)

Semantics aside, a little bit of TLC will keep your DWR-coated down outerwear insulating like new for years to come. What do you need to do?

Honestly, not much.

Proper care includes just a few simple steps to ensure your Ravean heated jacket remains lofty, evenly insulated, and in premium condition. From face material to down filling, here’s how to keep your high-tech outerwear up to scratch, for season after season of use.

Step 1: Remove Your Power Bank

“What’s that?” you might ask. “I thought Ravean’s power banks were nearly impervious to the elements?”

Hold your horses! It’s true, all Ravean heated outerwear is equipped with batteries that have been water-proofed, child-proofed, tornado-proofed (okay, maybe not that last one), and generally life-proofed to the max.

However, we highly recommend removing your Ravean power bank pre-wash more out of courtesy to your washing machine, because there is still the chance it could get ruined in your washer with all the banging around.

Step 2: Attack Any Trouble Spots

Whether you’ve been out all morning shoveling last night’s snowstorm or simply are a messy eater, it’s not unheard of to encounter a stubborn stain or two.

For particularly troublesome spots marked with grime and dry sweat, use a diluted solution of detergent, preferably liquid, mixed half-and-half with water. Shake your mix like a Bond-style martini, so that no undiluted detergent remains. Then spray the solution on any stained spots, letting it sit for about 30 minutes.

When spot cleaning, remember to pull out the pockets of your jacket and zip the zippers all the way up to. If you’ve managed to get a stubborn spot on the interior lining, simply turn it inside out and apply more cleaning solution just as before.

Step 3: Washing Your Ravean Down Heated Jacket or Vest

We were surprised to read how often washing a down jacket is considered tricky. Granted, down jackets have their signature puffy look because they contain, not only down filling, but air.

To ensure all that luscious fluff doesn’t become irreparable compressed, there are indeed a few tricks to keep up your sleeve. But don’t worry, it’s not rocket science (or even dry clean only).

First, try to find a front loading washer. This is because the agitator, that big piece in the middle, of top loading machines can damage your jacket by ripping or snagging the fabric. If you don’t have access to a front loading machine, consider tossing your Ravean jacket in a garment bag or pillowcase for extra protection.

Additional words of caution: stay away from super-hot water, fabric softeners, bleach, or even tossing your down jacket in too full of a load, which result in unnecessary compression of your jacket’s down filling.

Instead, use lukewarm water and the gentle cycle, allowing your Ravean jacket to enjoy a nice, sudsy bath.

Step 4: Drying You Heated Jacket

Now comes the important part of caring for any down outerwear—drying. But first, no matter how tempting it might be to squeeze out a little extra moisture, don’t! Scrunching up a down garment, especially when wet, can damage the feathers inside.

Drying down is a slow process, so be prepared to spend some time at home. It's also a delicate business, as too high of heat can damage the down filiments—be sure to tumble on low.

Keeping an eye on dryer temperature is another reason it’s best to dry your down jacket at home, as opposed to commercial laundromat dryers that often offer only three levels of scalding.

Tossing in a few clean tennis ball will help break up the down clumps and hasten the drying process. Even with the tennis balls it's a good idea to pull the jacket out of the dryer periodically and manually pull apart the clumps with your fingers. An entire baffle’s worth of down can be compressed into a clump the size of a marble. Pulling them apart can dramatically speed up drying.

If you don’t have a dryer (and the one at your local laundromat seems hot enough to melt glass), you can always air dry your down outerwear. To do so, lay it flat on a towel in a warm, dry spot out of direct sunlight. Just make sure to pull apart the clumps periodically, and to flip it over occasionally, or air-drying will take a long time.

Once completely dry, turn your down outerwear inside out and hang in a well-ventilated area. This will prevent any remaining moisture from causing the down filling to stale.

Storing Your Ravean Heated Down Jacket & Heated Down Vest

To keep your Ravean down outerwear looking great, follow the above cleaning steps before storing away for the summer.

Finally, be sure to allow your Ravean Heated Down Jacket or Heated Down Vest to enjoy the summer off, by ensuring it’s hanging up in a space with plenty of air circulation—not smushed between all those other coats you’ll never need to wear again.

Follow these steps and your Ravean heated outerwear will be in great condition to keep you warm and cozy for many years to come!

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