Check Out What’s Under Our Hood: Ravean Tech Specs

There are a few options for battery-powered heated jackets on the market today, but none quite like ours. Most come with bulky heating inserts and are powered by heavy D-cell batteries that are less-than-innovative—and prone to fail.What’s worse than finding yourself unprepared for inclement weather? Learning too late that your expensive heated jacket has been reduced to delivering the warmth of a picnic blanket, thanks to a single, snapped coil.To break away from the pack of canvas heavyweights and puffer coats that appear better suited for a moon landing, we looked to the latest advancements in materials and power tech. The result is Ravean’s line of heated coats, hoodies, and vests that achieve an optimal balance between durability, weight, performance, and style.

What makes the difference? Here’s all you need to know about Ravean’s design and functionality.

The Only Heated Jacket With Real Down Filling

Don’t trust man-made filling to keep you warm? Discover the insulating power of real down.

Ravean heated jackets and vests are the first to offer a 90% down/ 10% feather fill. The highest-quality insulation, our down/ feather combo offers three times the warmth-per-ounce as synthetic alternatives, as millions of fluff-filaments interlock and overlap to form a protective, breath
able layer that keeps the heat in, while allowing moisture out.

Down insulation doesn’t just perform better, it lasts longer. Depending on wear, the average synthetic jacket will lose much of its warmth over five years no matter how gently you treat it. But with regular care, our down filling will retain its warmth for up to two decades—making it almost as sturdy as those carbon coil heating panels we tuck inside.

And our heating panels? They do double duty to make our down outerwear self-drying, so you don’t have to dash undercover if it starts to rain.

A Power Source You Can Bank On

Our down filling isn’t the only thing about Ravean jackets that’s feather light. Both our hooded and unhooded jackets are powered by a 12V battery that weighs in at just a half a pound. The entire power bank, including case and cord? A total of 12 ounces.

While the first of its kind when applied to heated garments, you may recognize our light 12V lithium-polymer battery from another favorite tech item: the iPhone.

Why lithium-polymer? Compared to traditional battery technology, lithium-polymer batteries charge faster, last longer and have a higher power density for more battery life in a lighter package. And because lithium-polymer batteries work in cycles, there’s no need to let your power—or temperature—drain down to zero.

Fully Charged In 90 Minutes

Got a long day planned? Our 12V battery pack is designed with an innovative charger that goes from empty to topped up in just 90 minutes.

It also performs as a portable power source for your other devices. Smartphone running out of battery? A Ravean heated jacket packs enough juice to recharge your device six times over.

To check how much charge is left, simply press the fuel gauge button once for an accurate display. Don’t worry, your power bank will turn off in 15 seconds to conserve battery life if not activated.


Smart Power, Smarter Controls


Most heated jackets only give minimal control over your heat settings, leaving you to toggle between on and off to find the perfect temperature—with each reboot draining your battery and taking up to five minutes to reach a comfortable warmth.

Ravean heated jackets, hoodies, and vests allow you to adjust your temperature as needed. The conveniently located control buttons need only a single tap to shift between high, medium, and low heat settings.

The same thing when you step inside: Turn the jacket off, then either remember to warm it up five minutes before you head out the door or allow your body temperature to drop as you heated jacket plays catch-up.

Instead of forcing you to reboot every time you step back outside, Ravean down jackets are designed with a unique low-setting module that keeps your heat activated at intervals of .1 seconds for every 10 seconds off.

The result? Immediate heat, when you need it.


Heat Everywhere You Need It

Ravean outwear offers you complete control, not just to find your perfect temperature setting, but over which heating panels are active. Our 12V Jacket Systems allow you to choose between back, front, and pocket panels—or you can heat all panels simultaneously.

Depending on how many panels are active, your 12V Jacket System will keep you toasty in temperatures from -4° to 55°F for up to six consecutive hours.

Our 5V Heated Vest and Heated Hoodie Systems offer the same options of high, medium, and low settings per panel each of their two panels, located on the front and back.

Down To Your Fingertips

Keeping your core warm is great, but what about from the wrist down? Ravean is the only heated jacket to offer an interconnected heated glove system, so fingers stay toasty without any extra batteries to pack (or charge).

For extra convenience, your gloves automatically heat once connected and offer the same three levels of temperature control as each body panel. Rather keep your pockets warm? Settings can be adjusted to revert back to heated pockets at the touch of a button.

And there’s no need to worry about rain. Just like the rest of your battery back, our glove connectors are totally waterproof.

Durable, Washable, Waterproof. Guaranteed.

Ravean Heated Jacket Systems are made to be tough. How tough? Repeated tests show a defect rate of .001%—or one out of every two thousand. For perspective, the industry average (thanks to those delicate heating elements) is around 3%.

And just in case you think those specs are a bunch of hot air, we asked our product engineers what might damage the system. They suggested avoiding any lava or acid. Anything else is backed by our 5-year heating system warranty.

Can’t Wait To Get Yours?

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