Beginner’s Guide to Heated Jackets: 3 Key Tips

Beginner’s Guide to Heated Jackets: 3 Key Tips

Heated jackets can be overwhelming. How do you wash them, take care of them, and charge the batteries? Though it might sound daunting, the process can be made a lot easier by knowing the right tips and tricks to use. Follow along with us, as we go over three key tips to help you make the best of your outdoor clothing purchase. 

Heated Jackets Instructions

Warm and lightweight, Ravean’s heated jackets are perfect during those winter commutes and outdoor adventures. Understanding how to properly take care of your apparel will help lengthen its life and provide you with the warmth and agility to tackle your day.

  1. Battery Care

When we think about heated jackets, the first thing that often comes to our minds is the performance behind the heat—the batteries. 


How long is the battery life, and how long do you charge them? Our heated jackets run on a rechargeable battery pack, so you must be sure to charge it before wearing your jacket. It is generally recommended that you charge your battery for about 2 to 3 hours to get the most battery life. Make sure to not leave it charging for a long period of time—and never overnight. 

Our heated down jackets that come with a 12v battery can charge in 90 minutes. Charging it is as easy as inserting the adapter into the jacket’s power bank and plugging it into a socket.

The battery life depends on the level of output you have the heater set to—low, medium, or high. For example, when you are using a low output, you’ll have 6.5 hours of battery life versus 2.2 hours of battery life for a high level usage



Since the jackets are powered by batteries, it’s worth noting these vital safety tips to protect yourself:

  • Do not expose the battery to water, especially saltwater. This can cause a fire. 
  • Do not try to charge the battery if it has been damaged. Doing so may cause a fire and/or harm.
  • Batteries should be stored at temperatures between 40 degrees and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • To properly dispose of your battery, visit Call2Recycle for battery drop-off locations near you. Lithium-ion batteries contain elements that can be a health hazard if they are leaked into the groundwater supply, so you need to be careful when it comes to disposal method. 

For more safety tips and warnings, be sure to read Ravean’s Safety Rules for Lithium-Ion Battery Packs and Chargers.


  1. Choosing Your Heat Level

Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, the great thing about Ravean’s heated jackets is that you can customize the heat levels to feel comfortable in any type of cold climate. 

As mentioned above, there are heat levels that you can choose from and adjust accordingly. The Ravean homepage explains:

  • High mode: For those sub-zero days and nights when the temperature is around -10 degrees Fahrenheit/-23 degrees Celsius, high mode is the ideal level to choose. 
  • Medium mode: This is a great mode for freezing days that dip below 15 degrees Fahrenheit/-9 degrees Celsius. 
  • Low mode: We recommend this mode for cold days that are around 38 degrees Fahrenheit/3 degrees Celsius.


  1. Wash/Dry Care

Before proceeding with any washing/drying actions, be sure to take out the battery packs in your heated down jacket. To wash and dry your jacket, you can stick to your usual washing machine and dryer to get the job done. But if you’re dealing with down material, there are special instructions you should keep in mind. 

Stain Removal

If you have stains on your jacket, consider removing them prior to throwing it in the washer. You can do this by adding a drop of dish soap directly on the stain and rubbing it in the fabric with your finger. Let it sit for 10 minutes and then gently scrub the stain with a dry cloth. 

Washing Tips

Wash your jacket separately from other fabrics or clothing. Turn your jacket inside out and fasten the zippers to ensure they don’t get caught in any parts of your washing machine. 

You can use any liquid detergent you have at home, but if you prefer to use soaps that are specifically made for Ravean’s down material, the following are great options: 

Be sure to set your washer to the most gentle setting with cold or warm water. At the end of the cycle, let it rinse again to make sure all the soap is off the jacket.

Drying Tips

It’s crucial that you dry your jacket on low heat, since hot temperatures can cause damage. You can throw in some dryer balls to help bring back the nice fluff in your jacket. Be sure to pause the dryer cycle from time to time to check on your jacket and break up any clumps in the down material. 

You can also air dry your heated jacket by laying it flat on a towel and pulling apart any clumps in the fabric. Turn it over periodically for faster drying. 

Following these important heated jacket instructions will help you make the most out of our apparel. By understanding how to properly charge and take care of your gear, our jackets can bring you the ultimate comfort.


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