7 Reasons You're Wearing The Wrong Jacket

One word: Layers.

They might make the bitter cold bearable but they are awful things. Layers turn the most gorgeous people into lumpy, grotesque and sweaty creatures.

No one likes to pull clumps of wool out of their armpits and belly button.

No one wants to look like a giant glob of fluff rolling around the parking lot.

No one wants to carry armfuls of sweaters when the sun decides to blaze between frigid snowstorms.

So what’s the solution to the layering dilemma?

Heated Jackets. And not just any heated jacket…

You might have 17 different jackets in your closet right now -- but this is the only jacket you truly need. This new heated jacket is the perfect solution for any season and gives you the ability to control the temperature to meet your needs.

Here are seven reasons this is the ONLY jacket you need this winter.

1) Ditch the Wardrobe Shuffle

The day you finally get your heated jacket is the day you can say goodbye to the impossible decision of what you should wear to stay warm throughout the day. .

This is the only jacket you need to stay comfortable between -4 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. You can now change the temperature to suit your preferences instead of cursing the weatherman when you realize that you are over, or under, dressed. Turn the heat down a couple of notches during the warmest part of the day and crank it up when the temperature dips with the setting sun.

Go head-to-head with the rain, snow, wind and stinging cold with a jacket that’s tough enough to blast through it all.

2) Bring Your Icicles Back to Life

You can stop using your thighs as hand-warmers.

While most heated gloves are outfitted with clunky batteries, you can easily plug your Ravean gloves into your jacket and keep all ten of your fingers this winter.

In addition to being lightweight, and fitting like a second skin, these gloves are also touchscreen friendly. You’ll never have to expose your hands to the cold air to use a mobile device.

Oh – and like the rest of your Ravean gear – your gloves are totally waterproof.

They will automatically warm up your hands once they are connected to your jacket’s heating system. Adjust the temperature with the touch of a button to keep them at the perfect level of toasty bliss.

3) Charge Your Second Brain

You don’t have to choose between enjoying technology and your outdoor adventures.

Your jacket was designed to charge your phone up to six times with each use. You can now stay warm AND connected while you travel through nature’s playground.

The Ravean C6 Jacket’s battery weighs in at half a pound, can reach a full charge in under 90 minutes and has enough juice to keep your phone alive for the entire ride.

4) Go For The Hard Ride

When you’re in wanderlust mode, you want a jacket that can take whatever you throw at it.

You will never have to worry about taking care of your Ravean Heated Jacket. It was designed to withstand the toughest conditions – including the most aggressive washing machines.

That’s right, when it’s time to clean up the evidence of your latest escapade, you can just take out the battery and toss it in the washer.

In addition to outfitting our jackets with a 5-year warranty, we also asked our product engineers about what might damage the Ravean Heated Jacket system.

Their answer? “Avoid lava or acid…”

This is a jacket that isn’t afraid to get a little roughed up.

5) Take Advantage of Nature's Perfection

The outer shell of this jacket is sleek and sexy but the best part is in the filling.

Man-made filling just can’t compete with the insulating power of real down. And Ravean Heated Jackets and Vests are the first to offer a mix of 90/10 down and feather fill.

This down and feather combo is incredibly warm and forms a breathable barrier that keeps moisture out and holds the heat in. This type of insulation doesn’t just perform better it also lasts longer. A typical synthetic jacket will wear out in about five years while a jacket created with down filling can last as long as two decades.

6) Lose The Winter Weight

The layers.

The bulky jackets, coats, and bearskins.

There is a better way to deal with the cold and dump the extra weight. You no longer have to run around lugging outerwear that is heavier than a beefy Chihuahua.

Rapidly changing weather is not a challenge for the Ravean Heated Jacket. Simply adjust the temperature with the tap of a button to stay at the perfect temperature no matter what the conditions are on the outside.

Whether you experience unexpected weather drops during a chilly fall football game, a springtime romp through the woods or are traveling through different climates, you have a perfect solution to keep you warm and light.

You never have to spend another winter looking like a polar bear that scarfed down a walrus family.

7) Bring The Heat

Smarter controls make it possible to bring the heat whenever and wherever you need it.

You can adjust your temperature with a single tap to switch between high, medium and low heat settings. When you step inside you can switch the jacket off and switch it back on a couple of minutes before you step back out.

With a Ravean Heated Jacket, you have complete control over the temperature settings AND the areas that you want to heat. You can choose between turning on the front, back and pocket panels – or turn them all on at once.

Staying warm also involves staying dry. This jacket was designed to be light, breathable and repel water. With this heating system, you have the added benefit of a jacket that is self-drying.


A jacket that makes the weather to conform to your lifestyle.

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