5 Ways The Great Outdoors Makes You More Attractive

It can be hard to peg down exactly why we find others appealing.

Some of us are suckered in by a goofy grin, others are drawn to piercing eyes and there are a few that go for the more special traits – like the feathered mullet.5 Ways The Great Outdoors Makes You More Attractive

But there is one thing we can all agree on when it comes to attractiveness. That outdoorsy guy or girl will always have an edge over the rest of the herd.

This may not be fair but it’s true.

The rugged outdoors = sexy.

Here are just a few reasons why connecting with the outdoors can amp up the heat.

1) Play Time is Just Around the Corner

Nature offers a wild playground that is just waiting to be explored – and those outdoor lovers aren’t afraid to jump right in and embrace the challenge.

And who doesn’t love a little endorphin rush?

Adventure seems to be hardwired into the core of these men and women, which opens up an infinite list of possibilities. Whether the exploit is a spontaneous, half-baked scheme, or planned out to the last detail, they will always be game for a taste of the excitement it brings.

2) A Colorful Canvas

When was the last time you ran your fingers over a beautifully-formed scar?

A blank canvas is smooth, innocent and just a little boring.

There is always a story behind a scar and it hints at someone who is willing to get out there and actually LIVE. Someone who knows that when things start to get rough the fun is just beginning.

Scars add some danger to the package – and it’s a sad day when someone decides not to tear it open.

3) Too Bold To Miss 

Confidence. Some people have it and some people don’t.

But pretty much everyone thinks it’s sexy.

Men and women who appreciate the outdoors are more in touch with their natural poise and grit. These people have what it takes to make their way in the world like a wild cat on the prowl for their next escapade.

4) Build Your Own Mountain

Your outdoor guys and girls are always up for a challenge.

If they can’t find one, then don’t be surprised if they create their own and take you along for the ride.

Whether it’s mountain climbing, kayaking, trail running or snowboarding – the more intense the better! You will never have to push them to take a new path and master the terrain.

If you’re brave enough to join them on one of their treks, be prepared for anything but a lack of endurance.

5) A Rugged Sense of Style

The traits above are only part of what makes these people irresistible.

A true outdoor enthusiast will also have a wardrobe that matches their rugged and independent nature.

Their outerwear is made to be as durable as their lifestyle and accompany them as they scale icy mountains and wrestle with bear cubs.

These people are pretty much impossible to tame and their clothing only serves to enhance their unruly appeal.

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