5 Reasons You Need Heated Ski Gloves (Even if You Don’t Ski)

5 Reasons You Need Heated Ski Gloves (Even if You Don’t Ski)

There’s nothing more uncomfortable and painful than being outside on a chilly day without gloves. Your fingers freeze, you can’t operate your phone, and your hands get dry and scaly. Having the proper outerwear during the winter season is vital in protecting ourselves from the adverse effects of snow and ice. 

As the lack of protection on your hands can make you susceptible to frostbite and other medical conditions, it’s crucial to invest in a good pair of Ravean heated ski gloves. Whether you’re hitting the slopes or simply trying to get around town on a cold winter day, wearing quality heated gloves will keep you warm and thriving in all of your activities.  


Why Do I Need Heated Winter Gloves?

Many of us tend to think that cold hands are the price we pay for wintertime fun. Though we may build a higher tolerance for the cold over time, approaching all of your activities with frigid fingers is inconvenient, it cuts down our time outdoors, and it’s uncomfortable! Here are the top five reasons you need a pair of heated winter gloves


1. They Keep Your Hands Warm

Though this may sound obvious, staying warm during freezing weather is crucial. When we step outside, we frantically rub our hands together, trying to get warm. But why don’t we try to stay warm? 

Investing in a pair of quality gloves such as Ravean’s heated ski gloves will help you stay warm no matter how low the temperature dips outside. With four layers of fabric such as Thinsulate and Hydro-Tex, these gloves provide quality protection and comfort. They come with a battery that is easily rechargeable and provides six hours of premium warmth.


2. They Allow You to Stay Outside Longer

Ever step outside your home, greeted by the chilly and blustery breeze, and just think, “Oh boy, here we go…” Many of us might even turn directly around and go back into our homes. 

The more you layer up, the longer you can stay outside. Getting heated winter gloves will help you feel up to shoveling all that snow on your driveway and attending outdoor sporting events. Not to mention, you’ll feel comfortable and more hyped to join in on all the fun. 


3. They Protect Your Fingers

Without proper protection in the cold, the blood vessels in your hands and fingers narrow, causing poor circulation. This increases sensitivity that causes aching, cramping, and even joint pain. 

According to Dr. Michael B. Gottschalk, a surgeon at the Emory Sports Medicine Clinic, our fingers, toes, ears, and nose carry more thermoregulatory receptors than other parts of our body. These receptors help move blood away from these parts to our core. And as the nerves on our fingers are densely packed together and near the surface of our skin, “any cold temperature past a certain threshold is then perceived as increased pain.”

Since our fingers are at more pronounced risks of cold injuries such as hypothermia and frostbite, it’s essential that we take the right measures in protecting them before stepping outside. Especially if you have sensitive fingers or circulation issues such as Raynaud’s phenomenon, you are more susceptible to pain and injury and should prioritize getting women’s or men’s heated gloves.


4. They Disperse Heat Evenly

Though there are quality winter gloves that can protect your fingers, there’s always that one section of our hands that still feel cold when we’re outside. That’s why investing in a pair of heated gloves will sufficiently sustain you by evenly dispersing heat throughout your hands. 


5. They Are Comfortable and Cozy

Who doesn’t want to be comfortable and cozy? There’s nothing like the wonderful feeling of slipping your hand into a nice, warm, and cozy glove. With Ravean’s heated ski glove, you can turn them on as you’re getting ready so that they are all toasty before you head out the door. 

The next time you decide to hit the snowy canyons or need to shovel the driveway, think about staying warm and grabbing a good pair of heated ski gloves. Remember, we shouldn’t invest time in trying to warm ourselves up—we should invest in the right gear that will keep us warm at all times and ready to dive into whatever the day brings. 


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Let’s be real—being cold is miserable. Committed to crafting quality heated apparel, Ravean thrives on keeping you sufficiently warm to help you engage in all of your daily activities. Be sure to learn more by checking out our heated ski gloves today to see how you can level up your winter game.  

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